Electrical appliances operate on 220/240 volts. Plugs are 3-pin (round), 15 amp. Not all electric shavers will fit hotel and game-park plug points, and visitors are advised to seek advise from a local electrical supplier.



The national emergency number for the Police is 10111, while the numbers of ambulance services in major towns are listed in the telephone directory on the page preceding subscribers' numbers in the particular town. The two personal crisis hlpe services in Windhoek, Alcoholics Anonymous and Lifeline, are also listed in the telephone directory.



As a general rule it is quite safe to walk around the street of Windhoek and other towns after dark without fear of being attacked, although isolated incidents do occur from time to time so some basic precautions are advisable. Avoid looking like the typical tourist, do not carry large amounts of cash on your person and hand valuables in for safekeeping at hotels. In some rural areas pretty thieving has become a problem, so do not leave camping gear and other valuables unattended; rather lock them away.