Corporate income tax in Namibia is 35%. Mining companies pay between 25% and 55% whilst petroleum producers pay 42% plus additional profits tax.

Special tax incentrives for manufacturers and exporters of manufactured goods reduce their tax liability to between 3.5% and 17.5%, depending on the percentage of produce exported, while Export Processing Zone enterprises pay no corporate tax.

Non-resident shareholders pay 10% tax on dividends. There is no cpaital gains tax. The maximum marginal rate of personal income tax is 35%.


Financial Services

The business community in Namibia is serviced by a range of sophisticated financial institutions including five commercial banks with extensive international links, a dynamic development corporation and a rapidly growing stock exchange - the second largest in Africa.


Pleasant living conditions

Namibia is a vast and beautiful country with a small population, a dry healthy climate and low crime rate. Housing medical, educational and recreational facilities are of a wolrd class standard. Namibia is proud to be a well run country with little corruption and efficiently delivered government services. Combined, these characteristics make Namibia an extremely pleasant place to live.