Namibia is located on the West Coast of Southern Afric between South Africa in the south, Botswanna in the east and Angola in the north. It has a surgace area greater than Britain and France put together but a population of just 1.6 million, giving it a population density of just 1.7 people per square km - one of the lowest in the world.



With an unpredictable annual rainfall, averaging 270mm, and a very high evaporation rate, Namibia is largely an arid country, and the Namia Desert is one of the driest areas in the world. Except in the southwestern corner of the country, a winter-rainfall area, more than half of the precipitation is recorded betwenn October and March, and usually occurs as violent thunderstorms during mid-afternoon or early evening.

Daytime temperatures in summer are usually high, peaking at over 40C in the extreme south and north of the country. The central highlands is usually a bit cooler. Winder days are clement, and minimum temperatures are low.